Cara's Recent Testimonials

“Over the past year and half, working with Cara DeSimone, of Coldwell Banker in Capitola, has been fantastic for us, with our most recent purchase, she went above and beyond what was expected. Cara immediately put together a wish list for our home purchase. I knew right away we were on the same page. Through no fault of Cara, we had our ups and downs in trying to find the perfect home. Along with her duties of being our realtor, Cara also acted as "therapist" and "cheerleader". Cara brought a genuine interest in marking sure we understood what to expect following our bid on our dream home. Although she presented every nuance in layperson terms, her professionalism was not compromised, which made the whole process very comfortable during a potentially stressful time. We will continue to highly recommend Cara and the firm she represents. Thank you Cara and team -- 5 stars from us!” - Rich & Mary/Buyers

“Cara and her team did a great job to sell our property. We were very satisfied with her attention to detail and response to any concerns we may have had. Thank you." - Geno & Mary/Sellers

“Cara DeSimone works out of the Coldwell Banker office in Capitola, Ca and if you are in the market to buy or sell your home, she is the person you should call. Period. When I started looking for my first home, I asked a friend who has been in the real estate world (although not as a realtor) for a recommendation. First, she told me real estate nightmares about people who don't know what they are doing. She pointed out that in a town where the average home is well over half a million dollars, a lot of people want to get in the real estate game because they think it is a get-rich-quick kind of job. Then she told me to call Cara. I know, there are a lot of real estate agents in Santa Cruz and there are a lot of people already knocking on your door saying, "Use me! Use me!" And I'm sure your cousin's neighbor or your dentist's wife is a really nice person, but honestly when it comes to the single biggest purchase (or sale) you will make in your lifetime, don't you want to go with someone who is experienced and well-respected? There are many potential pitfalls in any real estate transaction and you need someone who is going to be your strong advocate and who is an absolute professional. One of the cool things about working with Cara is that when I would go to an Open House and the host would ask if I was working with a buyer's agent, when I dropped Cara's name their demeanor would totally change. "Oh..." they'd say, like you just drove up to a casino in a Ferrari. Her reputation precedes her, and I think she was absolutely key in helping me get a screaming deal on a great property.” - Siobhan/Buyer

“In selling our house, Cara DeSimone [and her team] did everything you’d expect realtors do and then some, and they did everything very well. They listed the house, had flyers printed, put up a “for sale” sign, arranged for ads in the local newspaper and real estate magazines, contacted other realtors, and hosted open houses. They were knowledgeable, effective, efficient, thorough, persistent, and friendly, both in connection with us and with potential buyers. Our house sold within two weeks of being listed. We recommend Cara … without reservation.” - Wes and Judy /Sellers

“We very much appreciated having you as our agent, and will miss working with you… We had a few tough decisions to make along the way, and you gave us good advice with no pressure -- this was much appreciated!” - Bill and Elizabeth/Buyers

“I need to be the one thanking YOU… for your extraordinary patience, diligence, and stamina in such steady and consistent management of ALLLLL the intimidating details involved in this transaction. What a journey it has been from that first meeting in late December! Your attention to detail is what makes you the successful team you clearly are, and I am grateful for all the challenges, advice and consultation – not to mention empathetic counsel – you offered me over all these months. I am so grateful for all the behind the curtain support and we could not have done this without you. With much appreciation…”   Michael Olich/Seller

“Thank you again… You have both been really great and you are very deserving of your great reputation. You are positive, practical, knowledgeable and supportive. And that's not easy. It's been really helpful to know I'm in good hands.” - Kiké /Seller

“You guys were stupendous. You knew the market, prepared, organized and had my house sold before it was even listed. You were armed to the teeth to market my house and had a great attitude the whole time. Best group I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, a true GEM in the industry. You are the “go-to” power house ladies, with the means to get it done and done seamlessly.” - Ecole and David/Sellers